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Weingut Handler

Dedicated to quality wines

A visit to the wine cellar of the Handler family is a quality experience for any wine expert and wine connoisseur. Maturing there are full bodied red and fruity white vintages from the Neusiedler See region, the sunniest region of Austria.
Walter Handler Jr. follows the traditional methods of his forefathers, using the old wooden barrels, while, at the same time, he is open towards modern cellar technology. A particular „baby“ is production in the special Barique drums.

Quality controls comply with the strict winegrowing criteria and integrated regulations in what is a special form of organic cultivation. The quality controls on the Handler production processes are being (have been) increased, so as to be able to guarantee these special product quality levels.
To prove the quality of the Handler wines, you are cordially invited to a guided tour and a wine tasting in our cellars. In this regard the highlight of the year is the „Day of the open cellar door“, followed by the traditional Martinmas celebrations.